Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Teresa Gil 'Kate' Update and Amazing Apron

My Teresa Gil cross stitch is looking good, there is a lot of work in the skirt but all easy stitching. The skirt took 4 weeks to stitch and I have to admit to a little bit of unpicking. Always happens when I think something is easy,I relax and make a mistake. I'm always checking and double checking as I stitch so not too much unpicking just enough to be annoying.
 Arrived today, another beautiful apron from eBay. Perfectly stitched many years ago but the crochet edge never finished so never washed, never worn. I would like to frame this one, I think it's a work of art.
 A close up of the top, the pocket is a fringed lamp. I have a few dancing couple aprons. This might be the best. The seller was so slow to post and didn't answer emails I had almost given up receiving it.
 Showing the perfect hand stitching on the back and the hem stitching just waiting for the crochet hook.
 A Beach Girl apron with the embroidery finished but no edging or pocket in place. This one needs bias binding and I have finished some that way but now there are too many and I want to concentrate on my 'Royal' stitching.
Then there are lots of aprons like this in my collection. Started with great enthusiasm then put away and forgotten for many years. No, it wasn't started by me and yes I have lots of UFO's of my own and yes I collect other peoples as well. If only I knew how to sell on eBay. Much easier to buy.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

George V Coronation Sampler 1911 and More Embroidery

 A rare (I Think) and stunning hand embroidered sampler from the Coronation of George V. Fresh from eBay in the U.K. I wouldn't dare take this one from the frame to wash. The sampler came sealed in the original frame and I have found a place on my wall for it. With only some slight moving around of other samplers.
 For my apron collection I now have another hand embroidered masterpiece. Lady with kookaburra sitting on outstretched hand and holding a bunch of wildflowers in her arm.
 A close up, kookaburras are a popular theme in old aprons. On the right you can see I already had this apron but not stitched.
 Not Royal or an apron but somehow I had to have this large hand embroidered masterpiece. Bought from a nearby antique/junk shop the seller told me it is from Croatia. I think it has been hand drawn on fabric then stitched by hand. It seems to tell a story. The sailor is begging Red Dress Girl to elope with him on his boat. She has turned away after telling him to come back with a much bigger boat then she'll think about it!!!
Owing to lack of space I've hung this across a doorway. Lucky for me I'm not very tall so can walk underneath. Tall guests(grandsons etc.) must bend their heads to walk through the doorway and be thankful I didn't place the embroidery in a solid wood frame.
I had to go back to the shop twice and bargain hard to get this embroidery down to my price range. I think I only got a bargain because the seller's lunch was getting cold.
24th May 1819. Queen Victoria's Birthday.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New Teresa Gil Kate Design and More of Diana

My pretty Teresa Gil 'Princess Diana' cross stitch is finished and framed.
Now Teresa has put out a 'Kate Duchess of Cambridge' design. This will make a lovely pair and I have already made a start on Kate. I couldn't find the gold 'Ophir' thread for the cross stitch in Australia and anything I can't find here I buy from 'Sew and So' in the U.K. My order is always in the post next day and they take Paypal. Perfect.
Kate is wearing the Alexander McQueen gown she wore to a dinner in Los Angeles in 2011.
A beautiful Diana shirt complete with lace and rhinestones. Made in France, I found it on eBay then quickly made a skirt from some Kate and William wedding fabric I had.
A great companion for the Queen.
A Charles and Diana wedding sampler new in my collection. I have had the kit to stitch this one myself but much better to find one already stitched. I added the name and dates to the bottom only because I already had the frame and mat surround so had to fill in the space.
My apron collection is still added to now and then. This one shows a flower seller in Piccadilly Circus, it just needs binding around the edges and the pockets put in place. I also have this one not stitched so again my luck held and I found one stitched.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Teresa Gil Diana Cross Stitch and a new Princess

 A new princess has got me back to blogging. I have almost finished my Teresa Gil cross stitch of Diana. I think this cross stitch looks impressive but was not difficult to stitch. I'm sure Diana would have loved and been so proud of her new Granddaughter.
 And here is the new Royal Baby, I'm hoping she will be named Charlotte and we all know why.

 While Kate was busy giving birth I was at Sydney Opera House waving British flags, singing Rule Britannia, Land of Hope and Glory etc. and throwing streamers. The orchestra played Waltzing Matilda at the end to remind the audience where we were. In Sydney not London.
I only heard about the concert the day before and was lucky to buy almost the last tickets.
Here the Sydney Symphony Orchestra is tuning up and the audience still coming in. The choir was seated behind the orchestra. I had a great view even though I was in one of the cheap seats.
Then I heard about the Royal Birth and am waiting for the name (Charlotte!!!!) so I can stitch a birth sampler.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Sad Goodbye to my Beautiful Charlotte

 Two days ago I had to have my lovely and faithful companion Charlotte helped over the Rainbow Bridge. For a few weeks she had been having trouble with her back legs then suddenly she could not walk at all. I am devastated by the decision I had to make but Charlotte celebrated her 20th birthday 6 weeks ago so I knew I wouldn't have her much longer. Love you Charlotte and already miss you so much.
 Charlotte now joins her sister Emily who died 2 years ago and they will be together again. And like Emily, Charlotte will have a private cremation and her ashes will be placed with Emily's in a family grave.
Daughter S visited to offer her sympathy and gave me a lovely bunch of yellow flowers.
Now I have no cats and I don't think I ever will again. The trauma of their passing is just too hard to take.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Beautiful Princess Diana Cross Stitch Design from Teresa Gil

 Another amazing design from Teresa Gil. This one is based on the dress princess Diana wore on her visit to Thailand in 1988. The colours are so pretty and this design will be easy to stitch. I think an enthusiastic beginner could attempt this with no trouble. Teresa loves half stitches but there are not too many and also some sparkly threads and some beads to make the finished sampler even prettier.
 Princess Diana is wearing the dress the design is based on.
 I have started my cross stitch and am using my favourite 14ct Aida in white.
Teresa charts her own designs and then stitches them herself. So you know she has already found any problems and sorted them out before she releases a chart. Unlike some computer generated charts that no one has ever test stitched and can be almost impossible to stitch.
I am no good at links but if you want to buy this design just google  Teresa Gil cross stitch designs.
 Remember this Teresa Gil design? The Queen in her Coronation robes, it was my challenge for last year but I think only took 8 months to complete. The Diana sampler should take less than half that time. I will give regular updates.
As for William and Kate-I was becoming so bored with the wedding dress stitching I was only too happy to pack it away for now (forever? who knows). For now I am happy with Diana and my pink threads.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Famous Photos with a Very Sad Warning

 This famous photo is called The Sun Baker and was taken by well known Australian photographer  Max Dupain in 1937 at a beach not too far from here I live.
 This similar pose was taken about 1990 and the photo was taken by Anne Zahalka and belong to the Art Gallery of N.S.W collection. I am showing these photos as a dreadful warning especially to the young boy with pale skin and red hair. I hope he put a shirt and hat on and went straight home after this pose.
This is a photo of Mr Linens aged about 19 long before his face and body became scarred from skin cancer and melanoma. Sadly Mr Linens died on 2nd February of squamous cell carcinoma. I wrote on this blog 3 years ago about his operation and radio therapy treatment but the cancer spread and nothing could be done. His brother died 20 years ago of melanoma. Growing up shirtless, shoeless and hatless under the Australian sun killed them both.
I don't like the first two photos, I don't want to see anyone on the beach trying to get a sun tan, IT Will Kill You.
Having got that message off my chest I will now grieve in private and my blog will return to happier things.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Charlotte Celebrates Her 20TH Birthday

 Hard to believe but true. Charlotte is 20 years old today. I thought she was going to spend the day under the cover in my bed so placed her gift and cake with candle on top of her on my bed.
 When the day became too hot to stay under the covers Charlotte moved to a cooler room. Meanwhile she was able to take a phone call and listen to family members singing Happy Birthday. Still no telegram from the Queen? next birthday for sure Charlotte.
A quick demonstration of her birthday gift which I admit she tried out a bit early. It is a head massager for human heads but Charlotte loves being brushed, combed and then massaged. There are rubber tips on the end of the prongs and I think she would sit all day for this to be run through her fur.
Happy Birthday my sweet Charlotte and hope you have many more. Apart from sleeping a bit more Charlotte is in good health and shows no sign of her age.
On this day we also remember Charlotte's sister Emily who died 2 years ago and say a big thank you to Margaret who allowed me to adopt Charlotte and Emily 7 years ago.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Wishes

 Charlotte and Big Ted join me in sending Happy Christmas Wishes to all. Ted is wearing a new outfit and Charlotte loves the net skirt Ted is wearing so they are both happy.
The worst/funniest Christmas gift ever?? That's me on the left, my sister on the right and we are wearing the sun hats given to us by our paternal grandmother many years ago. The hats really can't be considered the worst ever gift if we are still laughing about them so many years later. My grandmother had so many grandchildren we were lucky to get anything at all. Some cousins in the same age group would have received the same gift.

Some sad things have been happening in my blog world and 2015 might not be much better but I am determined to do lots more posts next year. One exciting event to look forward to is Charlotte's 20th birthday in February. Still waiting for your party guest list Charlotte!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

More Royal Embroiderey

 Found on eBay, a Royal Visit 1954 cushion cover. Haven't seen this design before and I've framed it but it can revert to a cushion cover any time as I did not cut into any of it. I bought the frame at an op shop sale months ago, knew It would be perfect for something one day. By a bit of shuffling around I even found space on the wall for this treasure.
 Love these little embroidered coronation brooches and the one on the far right is new in my collection. Top left is not embroidered. I could stitch some of these brooches myself as I have old embroidery transfers. It's on my 'to do' list. The brooch bottom right has a loop for a chain so could also be worn as a necklace
 A compact from the Silver Jubilee still has the Max Factor face powder intact. I could use it but the shade is a little too dark for me. I've had the other compacts for a while, one even has an embroidered cover.
 This little collection of coloured cups and beakers is growing and I know there are more colours out there to collect. The two on the far right are from the 1937 coronation and are made from Bakelite the rest are plastic and are either coronation 1953 or royal visit 1954.
My William and Kate wedding cross stitch is coming along slowly though I have been working very hard at it. Trouble is there are so many odd stitches and I keep losing my place. Now I have to mark off every stitch as it's worked. I had even thought maybe I could just do William and not Kate but her hand is already in the crook of his arm so she will have to be stitched too. Do not attempt this sampler unless you are a real lover of Royalty like me.
Now I have 3 dressmaker models. The first were bought at the op shop and were not cheap to buy. I found the latest one at the side of the road put out for rubbish collection. It was in my car in the blink of an eye and dressed in a T shirt I already had. I also had some more Charles and Diana wedding panels and quickly made a skirt. The skirt now matches the curtains and bed quilt in that room.
The models are perfect for displaying aprons. The latest apron with the scalloped edge was bought from an Etsy shop in Canada, Vicki over at Saffron's Strawberry Patch alerted me to it.
Can you believe it? Edward VIII abdication speech printed on a silk scarf. I have seen two of these of different colours so perhaps they weren't so rare in 1936 but I am pleased to have one in my collection.
Next post I will give an amazing household hint of how I am displayng this scarf and the Queen Victoria one from the previous post.
Prepare to be amazed and no the ceiling is not being used.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Royal Baby News and lots More

 Great news from the Palace, I'm sure this baby will equal Prince George in being so cute.
 Charlotte shares my excitement.
 There will be more samplers to stitch and souvenirs to collect for the new baby. Meanwhile I have taken on a huge stitching challenge. William and Kate in their wedding clothes. This will take me a year or two to finish and there will be more baby samplers to stitch. Charlotte I wish you could sew and help me.
 Beautiful new apron arrived today for my collection. Hand embroidered of course. I think this is the one I will choose to wear on 'Tie One on Day' ( an apron I mean) November 26th.
 An interesting scarf is now in my collection, made for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria it shows a lot of detail about her family and the highlights of her reign. On the 9th September 2015 Queen Elizabeth II will pass Victoria's record reign
 I know the house is becoming a bit crowded Charlotte but the swans stay. Don't worry I will find space for new Royal Baby souvenirs.
 Went to a cat show on Sunday. The judge has declared this British Blue a winner.
Oh No. Shock Horror. I think a flea was found on this cat. The shame of it all. Will the owner ever recover. I think the cat is receiving counselling to cope with the disgrace. Cat and owner will never be able to show their faces in public again. But I still love you White cat.