Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy 88th Birthday Ma'am and Wills and Kate's Visit

 Long may she reign. Even though some family members are so far away I hope you have a very Happy 88th Birthday.
My day for royal watching did not go well. Was I in this crowd as I had intended to be? No, this is a pic. from a newspaper.
 I was in this crowd waiting at the wrong door!!!. There were children in the crowd waiting with flowers to give and no one told us we were at the wrong door. Have I lost my touch as a royal watcher?? How could this happen??
Should I have been with the protesters who must have known more than I did?
Was I too overdressed so the royal pair slipped out the side door? Or was the side door really the front door?
 Well I had men in tight white pants to watch.
I think this is the royal car going past so the day wasn't totally wasted.
 Too exhausted for a trip to the zoo and by now I think the whole world has seen Prince George and the Bilby. Such a cute boy. There was a move here a few years back to have the Easter Bunny replaced by the Easter Bilby. It didn't catch on. Bunnies are cute, Bilbies are a bit like a large rat.
Today is Charlotte Bronte's birthday. My girls Charlotte and Emily were named after the Bronte sisters. So today Charlotte and I will spare a few thoughts for the Bronte sisters and Charlotte's sister Emily who died last year.. Charlotte is in the middle of a 12 hour power nap, I'll remind her when she wakes up.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Giveaway Mystery Revealed and Royal Fame for Me

 Well no one guessed my mystery object so I will just have to keep it. And here it is revealed. It goes on the end of a broom.
 When you are sweeping and spot a bit of dust or a spider on a picture frame it can be swiftly dealt with by the fluffy thing on the end of your broom.
Dust on the skirting board? No problem just turn the broom upside down (being careful not to knock a rare object to the floor or hit the cat sitting nearby)  and no more dust! Now I know you'll all want one but this is now mine to keep.
 A popular magazine .
 Open it up and here I am. Another 5 minutes of fame for me. I've covered up my last name, my age and my suburb. If you want to know those classified details you will need to buy the magazine. Enlarge the pic. and you might be able to read about me. A journalist contacted me and wrote the story and I was paid $300 not $2000. A lot of fun though and the result isn't too bad
No more wall space so now I must use doors. The blue and yellow towel on the left is a Royal Visit 1954 towel I found on eBay last week. Never seen that one before so had to have it. The green and yellow towel above it is from the Melbourne Olympics 1956. Not Royal I know but so rare and a bargain I had to have it.
The towels on the right are Royal Visit 1954, Coronation 1937 and a Charles and Diana beach towel. Sadly some of my doors are sliding doors so can't be used but the ceiling is still vacant.
Charlotte is a bit sad because she wasn't in the magazine. She posed among the swans last night patiently waiting for me to notice her and get the camera.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

My 300th Post and a Giveaway

Yes, my 300th post and I'm still here with something to say and something to show.
The first blogger or lurker to guess what the little crocheted treasure above is will win it. This is a one off prototype and will never be made again. No pattern exists and once you know what it is you will wonder how you ever managed without it. If no one wins I will demonstrate the use of this rare object in my next post. The object is small and light so I am willing to post anywhere in the world if you are willing to email your address.

 No it's not that, or that so guess again. No Charlotte doesn't want it for a tail warmer.
Some bloggers list 10 things others don't know about them but really there is only two things to know about me. I love the British Royal Family and I love cats.
Here is the Queen wearing her bow brooch.
 Now look, the Queen and I share the same taste in brooches and I have one the same as hers. Put side by side no one could tell the difference. I've allowed my old doll to wear mine as I don't want to dazzle people when I go shopping. Or be mugged for the diamonds. My brooch came from a catalogue and I paid $9.99 but really they are identical right down to the last diamond.
 Another crown tea cosy finished. This one was quick and easy to knit, looks impressive but still needs more jewels stitched on. Thanks to Gina who made sure I was alerted to this cosy and Peta whose pattern it is. I am ready as always for any member of the royal family to drop in for tea.
Another bugbear of mine. Who said there was only 2 things to know about me.
I don't like reverse parking but I can do it if I have to, last week I had to.
So I start to reverse, the male of the species in the car with me immediately started to give directions. I gritted my teeth and said nothing. (honestly). Then a man on the footpath joined in with more helpful!! directions. How I didn't jump out of the car and run screaming down the street and leave them to it I don't know. . Why do two men think I need help??? I want one of those cars that parks itself. I think you leave it in the middle of the road, the car finds a spot and parks itself.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Bargains Galore and A Crown Tea Cosy

 Have you ever come across a bargain you had to have? In this case shoes reduced from $125 to $5, never mind that they are 3 sizes too big for me or have heels 4inches too high for me to wear. I had to have them as I knew they'd be good for something. Now look and I haven't finished yet. I think they need something sparkly like glitter.
 The back of the shoes. The other shoe might be kept plain so I can see before and after.
The shoes are perfect with my Australia day dress. Now if only I was taller, slimmer, younger and with bigger feet! If the 2 men in Darwin who dared to wear this dress on Australia Day (see a previous post) want to borrow the matching shoes I might consider lending the shoes.
 A new Crown tea cosy pattern from Peta in Victoria. This one is jumping the queue of cosy patterns as it might be a bit quicker to knit than some patterns I am struggling with. Visit Peta at
Peta has a book of cosy patterns and readymade cosies can be ordered for non knitters.
 Two swans added to my collection, both both are from op shops at a bargain price. These 2 are unusual because they have eyes painted on. Both are Hollyware made by a Sydney pottery Sullivan and Griffiths. This pottery I believe only lasted a few years in the 1950's.
 I bough this shell vase for $2 last week in an op shop. I think it is also Hollyware as they have an almost identical wall vase. I don't have space to keep this vase so I'll admire and research it for a few weeks then donate it back.
Three interesting jugs. The pink one at the back is kept because it's small and interesting, I know nothing about it yet. The 2 jugs in front are unusual. The one on the left with the pretty scene is Victoria brand made in Czecho-Slovakia which according to Google if there is a hyphen it was made before World War II.
The jug on the right was made by IBC in Czechoslovakia no hyphen so it was made later. IBC made a lot of souvenir ware for Australia and New Zealand. I wonder why when there were so many potteries here at that time.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Teresa Gil Queen Update and More

You can see my Teresa Gil cross stitch is growing, still a long way to go but I know I will get there. Guilty again of stitch hopping and looking for easy bits to stitch and then going back when the mood takes me and filling in the missing bits. Any lone missed stitches will show when I do the backstitch and beads.
 In my magazine stash I came across this page dated February 2nd 1954, just before the Queen's first visit to Australia. 'Mrs Ellena Buiko, who describes herself as a White Russian monarchist and who keeps a photo of the late Zsar Nicholas II on a mantle piece in her Sydney Cottage, recently completed a tapestry of the Queen'
She started her tapestry early last year and worked on it 40 hours a week for 8 months. Ellena copied from a portrait of the queen but changed the face a little so the Queen wouldn't look too serious.
The tapestry at the bottom is of Madonna Dolorosa  copied from a painting in a German art gallery. Ellena stitched it from Australian wool before the war.  " A Queensland farmer heard that I was working on the Queen's portrait and sent me a case of bananas. These, he wrote me, should sustain me in my work. Isn't it marvellous." Ellena was director of the Belgrade School of Embroidery before she came to Australia.
All I can say is I wish I had met Ellena and no one has sent me any bananas.
Working hard on my cross stitch and at the same time knitting my 3rd crown tea cosy with at least 3 more queued up waiting to be knitted. I am a multi tasker.
 Sydney Harbour Bridge is 82 tomorrow. Happy birthday Bridge and I have a new souvenir apron to show.
The one on the right is my latest one. Both old aprons have the date 19th March 1932 stitched on the pocket.
A third apron not yet and possibly never will be stitched is at the top.
"Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown" said Shakespeare in his play Richard IV. Charlotte and I are both starting to feel uneasy with all those samplers above our heads at night but I am now so short of wall space that there is nowhere else. I see it doesn't stop you using my queen pillow when it's not really your turn Charlotte and I hate unmade beds though you force me to live with a rarely made bed.
 This is the panel I had hoped to place on the ceiling but was warned against. I had it stuck to the wall with lots of those sticky things and it came crashing down. Look how the heat and humidity have made it warp. Now held up with wire and nails it needs to be placed on stronger board,
 My old doll has a new outfit. Straight from the Salvation Army. A hand knitted cardigan and a skirt that I have attached a Prince George badge to. She is also wearing a Princess Margaret badge from the cancelled Royal Visit 1949. Ted (and here I should point out that big ted is very obliging and is whatever sex I want him to be. Sometimes male, today female.) is still wearing a denim skirt and a royal visit T shirt from 1954. Also 'diamond' earrings and a 'diamond' tie necklace. The small doll is wearing a very unusual crocheted hat from the Salvos, I threaded red white and blue ribbon through it.
Went to the BIG 2nd hand book fair on Saturday and came away with a couple of very interesting old books, I'll talk about them later. This is only a very small section of the books on offer. As I was downloading this pic onto my blog I saw it. The man with no shirt!! On the far right. One of my bugbears is showing I know, but still. I know this is Australia and it was a hot day and the beach and lake is not far away. BUT put a shirt on. He is not young and with a great body so put a shirt on. I wonder now if he was wearing shoes. Lucky while I was there I had my head down looking at books. Lucky I don't live in London where I've heard some people shop in their pyjamas and dressing gown. Is that his shirt over his shoulder?
So put your shirt on....

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Royal Commemorative Embroideries

 Lots of luck on eBay lately has allowed me to add some beautiful samplers and embroideries to my collection. This sampler celebrates the birth of Prince William in 1982. Love the colours and the stitcher's name has been added.
 A sampler to celebrate the marriage of the Queen and Prince Philip in 1947 with a verse by Patience Strong. I have the iron on transfer for this sampler but I would never have been able to stitch so expertly.
This sampler has the initials EVS stitch into the base.
PS. have just found our that this wedding sampler is a Royal School of Needlework design available to readers of Woman's Own Magazine.
 A Coronation calendar stitched for the Coronation of Edward VIII 1937, you can see his initials in May.
This sampler came badly water stained and for some reason I have been nervous about washing it. Some of my samplers are a bit rare and I'd hate to lose one in the wash.
 A tablecloth stitched for Edward VIII All those woman stitching for the new King and then he abdicated, Were they annoyed, did they sigh and then pick up their needles and start stitching for GeorgeVI ?
This tablecloth has had a lot of use and the cloth is a bit thin and even has a small darn in one corner.
 A sampler for the Silver Jubilee in 1935 of George V and Queen Mary. Very unusual and interesting with lots of themes from different countries and their children are also stitched in.
 The samplers above and below are in the same style of the Abdication sampler I have shown before.
A sampler for the Coronation of George VI and it is NOT mine But I want it and must have it somehow.
I found it when I was browsing Google images and now I can't find it again. I think someone in Wales has it. Elizabeth and Margaret are stitched. There must be more than one of these samplers in the world. If anyone sights one in any country please let me know. Blog followers, watchers, lurkers anyone at all please let me know if you spot this sampler.

Friday, February 21, 2014

And The Stack Came Down

 Not sure if I should cheer or cry when the Port Kembla copper smelter stack came down. At almost 200 mtrs tall it could be seen for miles around and no one could be lost at land or sea if they could see the stack. It has not been in use for some years and there was hope that it could somehow be used as a tourist attraction.
I could see the stack from my house so sat outside for over 2 hours harldly daring to blink in case I missed the stacks last moments. There was a delay in the timing as 2 people refused to leave their house in the exclusion zone. Though all residents in the zone were entertained in a nearby club and I think there was a drop in centre for pets.
 When the stack was built 50 years ago Port Kembla steel works and copper smelter was in it's heyday and migrants from all over the world as well as locals found employment here. But things change
 Streets around were crowded as everyone wanted to take last photos of the iconic stack.
 All went to plan.
 No more stack. Police on horseback patrolling to make sure no one tried any last minute heroics to save the stack.
 There was a streaker of course. You can see him just to the right of the interviewer. His lack of pants covered by a black blob.
And a politician having his tweet.
Now the souvenir T shirts are on sale and I want one. There is also talk of pieces of the stack being sold as souvenirs. I think I have space in my home for a piece of dusty concrete.