Sunday, August 24, 2014

Catching Up and New Blog Friend

 A while since my last blog post but I have been busy and I have met a new blog friend. Vicki from Saffron's Strawberrypatch lives not far from me and has an amazing collection of Australian pottery. Vicki invited me to her lovely home and trusted me to open her cabinets and touch her precious collections.
I love the Kookaburra jugs Vicky has in this cabinet, you can see them on the left.
 Lots of Pokerwork on display again my favourite was a Kookaburra. Pokerwork was very popular in the 1930's.
 Another cabinet with some Aboriginal designs on the pottery, very popular in the 1950's.
 Vicki also paints and this is some of her work. Then we had a cup of tea together and though our collection are so different we had a lot to talk about and soon Vicki will come to my house to see my collections.
 This is my small collection of Australian pottery. I love lustre ware and Vicki kindly gave me the lustre vase with flowers you can see in the middle. Thank you Vicki, I love it. I stopped at an Antique Centre on the way home and bought the small lustre vase on the right.
My growing swan collection most of them lustre ware.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Wedding Anniversary

Today would have been the 80th Wedding Anniversary of my parents. Stanley Oliver and Ella Kate. The others in the wedding party are the younger brother and sister of the groom, Les and Elva, and the flower girl is Joy, a niece of the bride. I love the long train mum has which I think is coming from her veil, not the dress. Wish I knew the colour of the bridesmaids dress but if I ever knew I can't remember.
The wedding was held at the local Methodist church with the reception at the bride's parents house. There was no honeymoon, they moved straight into a nearby rented cottage.
Remembered with Love.
UPDATE: A family member had a newspaper report of the wedding.
The bridesmaids gown was apricot georgette with cape to match. She carried a bouquet of blue lupins and sweetpeas with tulle and streamers to match.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Surprise Gift and Bargains

Arrived in the mail yesterday, a pretty mug rug made by Gina over at 'Patra's Place of Stitching and Vintage Linens'. Gina mentioned on her blog that it was being made for someone who loves cats and London and I thought then that it has to be for me. Thank you so much Gina, I love the musical cats.
The mug on the rug is a Saturday bargain from the Salvos. A queen Victoria mug, perfect. The daffodils are from the supermarket and my first bunch of the season.
The other side of the mug rug shows views of London and also the other side of the Queen Victoria mug.
The rug is expertly made, thank you so much for thinking of me Gina, I won't know which side to use first.
Charlotte still hibernating.
While at the Salvos on Saturday morning I spotted these Damart shoes, brand new and just my size a bargain at $4
The first stitches are in my William and Kate wedding outfit. So far it's all shades of white and cream, looking forward to stitching William's red jacket.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Teresa Gil Queen Cross Stitch Finished and More

 I am so pleased with myself for having finished this beautiful Teresa Gil Queen design in only 7 months. It is a complex design but very forgiving of small mistakes and changes. Once I started I just wanted to keep going and watch the stunning Coronation dress grow under my fingers. Once started it is not difficult to stitch.
 For the neck line and sleeves I couldn't get the 5 strands of white twisted to my satisfaction so I used the 'whisper' thread instead.
The wattle representing Australia should have been French knots but I used wattle coloured beads as French knots for some reason are beyond my skill level. I loved all the beading involved though it doesn't show up well in the photos. I think I have proved this design works well on 14 ct Aida cloth.
 Before framing I nervously washed my masterpiece, just a swish around in tepid water and a bit of NapiSan then a quick spin rolled in a towel in the washing machine.
 Hanging in the sun room to dry before framing. Still not really happy with my framing as I think this sampler needs expert framing. I am saving up. I meant to show the back of my work, maybe next time as it is nothing to be ashamed of.
 I never take my cross stitch to my craft group, too hard to concentrate with all the laughter and cups of tea slopping around. J, one of our members  grew up in a country that concentrated on hard work and education and didn't learn to knit and sew when young. J is now very proud of her knitted bed socks which we all helped with. I did some casting off and sewing up. Hope your feet are now warm in bed J.
 A family get together for a family birthday. ( not mine) and the men of the family admire the view while daughter S and I slave in the kitchen. They won't turn around as they don't want to be on my blog.
From LtoR grandson T, son D, MrL, R the father of the 2 grandsons and grandson A.
Caught you grandson A, you couldn't resist turning around. A will be 17 in August.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Big Ted and Me Share Fame in the Movies

 Yes, we are in the movie. Big Ted and I have shared a lot over many years and now we share a movie. Only for a few minutes but fame is fame and we are pleased. Ted is in because of the child's Royal Visit 1954 T shirt  she is wearing. I am in showing a couple of souvenirs from 1954. You deserve the diamond! necklace and ear rings you wearing. Well Done Big Ted.
 I am seen  in the movie holding and talking about my Royal Tour Surf Carnival ticket from 1954. Held at Bondi Beach the Queen attended. I was there with my sister.
A tea cosy I knitted is seen in the movie when I pour a cup of tea.
 To my shame when the camera crew were here they put these glasses up to photograph and I hadn't dusted them. I think the cameraman used his shirt tail as a duster. But the glasses can be seen in the movie.
 I can be seen talking about this sampler from 1954.
 This banner is not in the movie but I took it to the Premiere just to show off a bit.
I had a wonderful trip to Canberra and the movie is a 'must see'.
Not because I am in it only for a very short time but because of all the old film footage from 1954. Australia was a different place then and almost the whole population tried to get a glimpse of the Queen somewhere. And the Queen worked so hard to admire everything we had to show. The museum in Canberra has the original Daimler the Queen used in 1954 and is raising money to restore it to it's former glory.
The movie is called "When the Queen Came to Town". I think it is in cinemas this weekend.
 Now to 1937 and a beautiful and I think rare  embroidered sampler from the Coronation of George VI. The sampler shows animals from the Empire. The kangaroo is just below the G. Another one I am very lucky to have in my collection.
Another addition to my collection, this one is for the Coronation 1953. Strange how some samplers like this one come with no spare fabric around them which can make framing difficult. Others come as if they have been stitched in the middle of a sheet and I have to cut away spare fabric.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Teresa Gill Queen Cross Stitch Update and More

Concentrating on beading and backstitch on the skirt now. Finding lots of missed stitches as I go. I thought the bouquet the Queen is holding might be difficult but not at all. I hope to finish and have my challenge framed within 3 months. The pressure is on.
 Waiting in the queue to be stitched next is this kit of William and Kate in their wedding outfits. Another large cross stitch but not as detailed as the Queen. The kit is from Designs in Thread from the U.K and I'm pleased to see the aida cloth is good quality and not that cheap stiff stuff.
 Two new Coronation samplers from eBay. Originally cushion covers but I think they deserve to be framed and hung on the wall.When I find a space that is. Both beautifully hand embroidered.

Another eBay bargain for my apron collection. I've seen this apron before in black but it went way above my budget. Lady holding a bunch of wildflowers and looking at a kookaburra

 Now I might be a star in this movie or my role might have hit the cutting room floor, I will find out next week.
It is now 60 years this year since the Queen first set foot in Australia. The first reigning monarch to do so. The movie was made to celebrate that event and I had a film crew come to my house to interview me and film my collection. I will travel to Canberra next week for the Premiere at the National Museum. After the movie there will be afternoon tea and it is hoped guests will dress in something royal.
No, they won't be sending a stretch limo. or rolling out the red carpet for me and I had to buy my own ticket for the event. My journey will be by coach and train and involves an overnight stay in a hotel.
The movie will be released in cinemas later this month.
Charlotte wants to let everyone know she is hibernating for the winter and will see you next spring. She is 19 yrs. old remember and needs her rest.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Patsy's New Clothes A Saunette and Other Strange Items

 Here is Patsy in the smart new outfit I bought for her on eBay. I added the little stand up collar and lent her some jewels to wear. The red tinsel stains are now hidden but a comment on my previous post recommended Clearasil for the stains and I will try that. Sadly Patsy's eyes have suffered a bit over the years.
 Found this pic. on Google and this is exactly how I received my Patsy for Christmas 1952. Unfortunately I lost the name of the person who owns this pic. and can't find it again. I think you are a doll expert in the U.K. If this pic. is yours please let me know so I can credit you.
 I was watching one of those American shows and they were making fun of the shopping channel and some of the strange items to be bought. Then they talked about the Saunette. So it must be back. My mother had one and here is an add on the back of 'New Idea' magazine November 1965. Look at the list of ailments it can cure. Decimal currency came here in 1966 so the price is in old money. Daughter S has the magazine and brought it with her on Mother's day last Sunday.
 And here is my mother in her very own Saunette in March 1966. Did mum see the add and wanted one? She did like gadgets. And what happened to it, did it cure whatever mum bought it for? I can't remember now. Strange how a topic can be seen on TV and it brings back such memories. Mum died long ago so I will never know what happened to her Saunette.
 Many years ago I had an Aunt who lived in another state and always sent such strange gifts. One birthday she sent this box and I fell in love with it. It's an old cigar box painted and lined with pretty fabric. DaughterS had it for years and brought it back on Mother's day. Inside was a paper blouse I had made but not finished at high school many years ago. I remember we had to draft a pattern, then cut it out out and make it in paper. I hated doing this and I have never drafted another pattern in my life. My mark for this was 13/20, surprising as I didn't finish it and the other sleeve still has the original pins rusted in. Wish I had been taught something more useful in high school.
Another doll house. I was donating stuff at the back of the Salvos when I spotted this and asked why it was tossed in a corner with old junk. Was told it was being thrown out. Shock!! Horror!! it was only dirty and they were throwing it out! I gave a couple of dollars for it and the house was placed in my car. The doll house is solid wood and a perfect 1/12 scale and will have a new life when papered, painted and carpeted. The Salvos might get it back when I have finished with it though I don't think they deserve it. I don't think I have space to keep it.
Bought this old Coronation transfer on eBay and took a week off from my Teresa Gil Queen to stitch it. Was lucky enough to find a round frame at the markets and a space on the wall.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Teresa Gil Queen Cross Stitch Update and More

 Still a long way from being finished but I hit a bit of a slump with the skirt. Thought I would stitch the face and hair to encourage myself. I am very pleased with the result, the face wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be. No unpicking was involved. Remember this is 14count Aida and not the linen or evenweave Teresa recommends. Anyone thinking of stitching in 14ct, this proves it can be done. Now I must get back to the skirt and face the French knots.
My new rug, perfect in front of my large cabinet. No label stating where it was made or what it is made of but it does look good quality. It came from America and was very inexpensive. The post cost was-well I won't talk about that. I rarely buy from America because of the cost of postage and the length of time parcels take to arrive. This one took 10 days. Not bad America.
 Plastic spoons from the Royal Visit 1954 with Elizabeth and Philip on the top. Very unusual item to have in my collection.
I think I must have been a magpie in a previous life. If something is shiny, sparkly and cheap then I must have it. Two brooches from the op shop for only a few dollars I've decided to display them on my latest tea cosy.
Well I always did prefer quantity over quality. Now on the lookout for more sparkle.
Thursday is half price day at my local Salvos. store. I will be there.
Sad story and advice needed. Christmas before last I decided to dress up my old Patsy doll and placed tinsel around her neck. This is the result. I have tried every cleaning method I can think of but the marks can't be shifted. 'Patsy by Palitoy' Made in England was released about 1952 and I have had her since then. She is made of an early plastic/vinyl and the red seems to have soaked in and is all the way round her neck.
I have ordered her a smart new outfit and will show her again later, dressed and with the marks hidden.
No more tinsel in this house.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy 88th Birthday Ma'am and Wills and Kate's Visit

 Long may she reign. Even though some family members are so far away I hope you have a very Happy 88th Birthday.
My day for royal watching did not go well. Was I in this crowd as I had intended to be? No, this is a pic. from a newspaper.
 I was in this crowd waiting at the wrong door!!!. There were children in the crowd waiting with flowers to give and no one told us we were at the wrong door. Have I lost my touch as a royal watcher?? How could this happen??
Should I have been with the protesters who must have known more than I did?
Was I too overdressed so the royal pair slipped out the side door? Or was the side door really the front door?
 Well I had men in tight white pants to watch.
I think this is the royal car going past so the day wasn't totally wasted.
 Too exhausted for a trip to the zoo and by now I think the whole world has seen Prince George and the Bilby. Such a cute boy. There was a move here a few years back to have the Easter Bunny replaced by the Easter Bilby. It didn't catch on. Bunnies are cute, Bilbies are a bit like a large rat.
Today is Charlotte Bronte's birthday. My girls Charlotte and Emily were named after the Bronte sisters. So today Charlotte and I will spare a few thoughts for the Bronte sisters and Charlotte's sister Emily who died last year.. Charlotte is in the middle of a 12 hour power nap, I'll remind her when she wakes up.